LOTD: 064 – Fitness



So recently I have started a new position as a personal trainer at the new role play sim The Vistas Community. They have introduced a new fitness centre called ReNew: Mind, Body & Soul and I have to admit, it is amazing! They have step classes, spas and a awesome gym. You need to check it out!

I have had many jobs here in SL but this one brings a sense of fun to it! My position as a personal trainer is where I will have 15-30 mins training sessions with clients and role play fitness programs just as you would in RL! Why? Because it is fun! A bit different from the usual and hopefully this will help you to get fit in RL too if you are not already! I also secretly wished I was a Personal Trainer in RL.. so my little secret dream career! It sure will help me. I was a fitness junkie before but I have been a bit lazy in 2018 so far. I need to do better! So I’m hoping this helps me too.

We need to bring more Role-playing into SL and I don’t mean just the kind you may be thinking about either! This is a virtual world and we need to bring PG fun to SL!

Hair: Foxy – Kels Hair (Natural Ombres)

Nails: Gorgeous Dolls – Boutin Baddie Claws

Leotard outfit: Caboodle / Fifty Linden Friday – Gabriella Outfit (Hud/ Pack 1)

Yoga Bag: Zenith – Summer Yoga Bag

Sneakers: Bleich/ Fifty Linden Friday – Mesh Musa – Avion (FLF Limited Edition)

1 comment on “LOTD: 064 – Fitness

  1. Congratulations, chickie! ~ and your pics are gorgeous, too ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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