I personally will use blogging as a way for me to express myself creatively, emotionally and mentally. Along with Secondlife, this is my release. Its a way to let me be free and write exactly what I want!

With that being said… the reason for my title is because that is exactly how I am feeling lately in RL. I feel like I have done a lot for my loved ones and yet when I say something that I don’t agree with, backs are turned on me. Which is very upsetting and at the moment I am finding it hard to focus. On another note, I have upgraded my avi with a very pretty and sexy mesh body and head! More pics to come as I show my new sexy look!

I have an exotic heritage and I really want to show that more through my avi. I think this is the closest I could get!

Head: Catwa –  Catya bento head

Body: Maitreya – Lara

Shape: Fiore – Stacy Shape (I have modified it to my liking but this was my base)

Skin: Fiore – Stacy Skinbase SP30 – Face and body applier to match tone

2 comments on “Unappreciated

  1. *hugs* Sometimes the most valuable members of a family often seem unappreciated. Whenever I feel that way, I start dishing out hugs like there’s no tomorrow – it’s amazing how such a simple and silent act can sometimes work wonder where words never could.


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