To get us in the festive mood for Valentines day I thought I could do a post every day leading up to the money spending event. I will think of a word that relates to everything that “represents” valentines day. I am not really fussed what I do for valentines and to be honest I’d rather stay at home with a takeaway and watch a movie. Everyday should be valentines day and you shouldn’t be treated any less 364 days of the year.

The first word that comes to mind is…. Passion.

What is Passion? It is said that Passion means a strong, and barely controllable emotion.


Hair: Truth – Margarita (Blonde)

Glasses: Zoom – Falin Glasses

Choker: Kunst – Lucy Choker

Rings: Yummy – Nightmare Ring Set

Top: Vinyl – Romy boho lace cami (White)

Shorts: Miss Chelsea – Lexi Shorts (Charcoal)

Boots: Salem / Empire – Dryas

2 comments on “Passion

  1. Beautiful pics! Hugs

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