Love thy self


Last week I experienced something for the first time with my daughter since she turned a teenager. I experienced watching her deal with real life issues. Those issues consisted of betrayal and trust from those who she called her friends.

I won’t go into details about it (as she would kill me) but she had trusted her friends with something and they told another group of friends who she aren’t close with her. This then resulted in that group of friends bullying my daughter online. All is well with my lil princess and I have to admit that I was very proud with how she handled it. She stood up for herself against those who were being horrible online and to those who were her friends.

She was so heart broken with how she felt betrayed from her friends and I had to really emphasise to her that it is important that she always remains true to herself, not to let other peoples negative actions change what she believes in. It is important to love yourself as that is what will get you through life. The more you love yourself, the more you can overcome anything. Never doubt how wonderful you are.

Hair: Foxy / C88 (Jan 2018) – Her hair (Natural Ombres)

Choker: Entwined – Halloween Accessories/ VIP Gift

Dress: GB/ Kustom9 (Jan 2018) – Tube top set (White)

Jacket: villena / Kustom9 – Pelted Fur Jacket (Classy)

Boots: Pure Poison/ Kustom9 – Feli Boots


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