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Relationships or Situation-ships?


When you are single all most of us can think about is being in a relationship with someone. Some people are content with themselves and would rather be alone. Whereas some of us think about being in a relationship 24/7. In RL I do have a lot of friends who are single and would love to be in a relationship but they say to me that the pick of their choices out there are fairly slim. My question is “Are the choices of good suitors slim or are you limiting your choices?”

Due to us looking for love in the wrong places we tend to get ourselves involved in situations that we should have never been in. I can raise my hand up and say that I have been in a few “situation-ships” where we called it a relationship but it was more of a situation that had no meaning, just for the sake of not being alone. Which is pretty sad when I look back at it. Two people wasting each others time and just using one another to fill that empty space. Some of these situations tend to go on for years until you finally throw in the towel and realise there is so much more for you out there.

Rejection is the best redirection and it forced me to search within and realise my worth. I enjoyed my own company more, focused on what matters (me and my daughter) and I kept doing me.

The moment that I got so distracted with my own company is when the doors opened for someone else. A relationship should be with someone who brings out the very best in you. Who you can count on and will love you even on your worst days. The goal of the relationship is to ensure that you make each other happy.

Relationships are not easy and depending on where you are in your life, it may be best to have that alone time. Use this time to explore the best you and focus on what makes you happy. It is important that you know your self worth and realise that you don’t need someone to fill your void. You can fill that void. When the time is right, you will be ready.



Hair: Foxy / Collaboration – Her Hair (Natural Ombres)

Jumpsuit: David Heather/ Fameshed – The people Pansuit (Nude)

Glasses: Zoom/ Fameshed – Falin Glasses

Rings: Yummy – Serena Rings


Hair: Unorthodox – Gold Hair v2 (Noir)

Glasses: Zoom – Titan Glasses

Jumper: Valekoer – Boxlogo Hoodie (Fatpack)

Jeans: MGmen’s – Pant bang (Black)

3 comments on “Relationships or Situation-ships?

  1. Where’s your ‘Like’ button, woman? It’s vanished again…

    My answer to ‘looking’ for a relationship is always “don’t!”. The day you stop looking (genuinely stop, not pretending to stop) is the day Love finds you.

    Too many people scare Love away by trying to chase it; it can’t be chased, only welcomed šŸ™‚

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  2. Yay thank you for getting it back up (there’s got to be a way to make it stay permanently).


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