Be Free… Be You

Be Free_001

As we approach mid week of Jan 2018, I am really trying my best to be “one with myself” and  focusing solely on what makes me happy. Already I am seeing that I am evolving and wanting to try new things, both in SL and RL. Change is good people and this is coming from the conservative Capricorn!

I have enrolled onto a course that will help me to progress in my career path in RL and I have also started to try out new things in SL.. which I will reveal in due time.

Oh and one of the new things in my life is this sexy man! Let me introduce my boyfriend Cris!

Let the good times roll!

You and me.2_001-2


Hairbase: Unorthodox – Miami hairbase (Honey)

Rings: Yummy – Serena Rings


Hair: Unorthodox – Gold V2 (Noir)

2 comments on “Be Free… Be You

  1. Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares to You. That’s what came to mine when I saw the first photo. Stunning stuff. Congrats on the new bf – hi Chris! – and good luck with your studies!


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