Take it easy…


Hotline bling.4_001

So im not sure about you, but this year I intend on taking it easy… in the sense that I am not stressing out too much (well I will try). Stop taking life too seriously (I said I will try!) and just enjoy life to the fullest.

In SL, I will try my hardest to focus on what I love more rather than making commitments that I know I can’t keep. Yes I have commitment issues. Whenever I feel tied down, I have a irritated feeling that I can’t seem to shrug off.. so I kinda rebel and then shut down. Then I feel bad that I have let others down. Oh its a vicious circle!

SL is not going to be fun, if you are not doing something you love! You need to enjoy your SL. It is your escapism from that crazy RL out there!

So my advise when playing Second-life, is take it easy and everything else will be smooth sailing…

Hotline bling.6_001

Hair: Foxy / Kustom9 – Milena Hair [Hoodie fit] (Fatpack)

Jacker: Valekoer / Kustom9 – Milena Windbreaker (Fatpack)

Leggings: Coco / Uber – Sideline Leggings (Black)

Sneakers: Coco / Uber – Boxing Shoes & Socks (Red)

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  1. Good advice 🙂

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