New Year/ New Me…

New Aurora.6_001

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a amazing New Year! I can’t believe we are in 2018!! Boy oh boy the time has flown!

I haven’t really posted much over the hols as I have been (like most people) lazying about, spending time with family and enjoying the fact of doing absolutely nothing. The year did end well for me in the fact that I feel I have re-ignited my passion of editing. I actually have a degree in film and video, even though I am a bit rusty over the years but I’m slowly getting back into it. I will be using my creativity in SL a lot more this year! Please check out my filming for the Magic Christmas 2017 Concert.


As you may have guessed, I have had some time to think of how my last year was and what I need to change or maintain going forward. Progression is key and we all need to keep evolving.

  1. I intend on putting health first. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year which really tore my world apart. Being the eldest daughter to her, I really had to put my wants and needs aside to make her first priority. Which I will continue but this has triggered something in me that confirms that health is wealth. I will make sure that I being healthy in regards to nutrition and fitness. This could affect my commitments in SL but I intend on putting myself first. In fact as from tomorrow, I’m back in the gym!
  2. Family. My family is important to me in RL. Again, with everything that happened with my mum last year, I will be making the efforts to having “Family time”. Im looking forward to this years family vacation which im sure will be a blast!
  3. Change is good. With the help of my amazing friend AnjaJurelle I have moved over to Catwa! New year, new me. I actually purchased a Catwa head when I first joined, but I was so overwhelmed and gave up. I was then hooked onto Lelutka. Lelutka will always have my heart, but I fancy a change in 2018. So looking forward to all the fun looks I will be playing with! Thanks again AJ!
  4. Creativity. As kinda mentioned earlier, I will be playing around with filming more in SL. So look out for my fun videos as I explore my creativity here!
  5. Progression is key. I will be looking at courses in RL that will help with progression for my career path. I want to increase the mulah (more money = more shopping… duh!) I will also be watching more tutorials here, as there is so much to learn!
  6. Happiness. I struggle with this, but I need to focus on being happy. Appreciate the good people around me and enjoy their company. I need to ensure that they also remember our times together in a positive way. I always think the worst and sometimes prefer my own space in both RL and SL. So I will try and be more socialble and not an party pooper!

New Aurora.7_001

What am I wearing?

Hair: Little Bones – Mara (The Blondies)

Dress: ISON / C88 – Tina Dress (Pink)

Jacket: ISON/ C88 – The Gina Jacket (Pink)

Shoes: Vale Koer – Street Glamour Heels (FatPack)

Rings: Yummy – Stella Rings

Glass/ Bottle: ChicChica – DrinkOnMyOwn

2 comments on “New Year/ New Me…

  1. You’re most welcome, chickie! So sorry to hear about your mum. Here’s to good news and good health in 2018 – Hugs!

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