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Exploring Fruit Island HQ

Explore Fruit Island - HQ_001.jpg

I enjoy exploring SL, nearly as much as I enjoy shopping! So I decided that it would be kinda cool to have you guys come along with me! I briefly went to this island before but I was sure there were other islands linked to this. For some reason I couldn’t find the landmark in my inventory, so I had to use the standard search tool in SL. The only thing that came up was Fruit Island HQ.

This island is so relaxing and there are loads of cool animations to play around with! I even found other cool stuff after filming, so you definitely need to check it out.

Take a look at my vid to see how amazing this island is x

Also check out the details for the outfit I wore which is in LOTD: 026- Monday Babe

If you would like me to explore your grid, contact me aurora.night06@gmail.com or in-world: Aurora Night (motown0601)

Hope you enjoy x

4 comments on “Exploring Fruit Island HQ

  1. Take a trip to Frozen Banana(Fruit Islands region) to explore the beach, cave system, dive off the cliff into the water and have a rest while you’re there.

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